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Eagle River homes for sale

Northwoods News August 2019

  I am taking a look at the cyclical nature of lake home sales. The chart above looks at the monthly unit sales of lake homes since January 2018. It should come as no surprise that we sell more homes in the summer. How many more? Historically, we sell about 70% of lake homes between…

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Finding the Perfect Lake Home

  Finding the perfect home in Wisconsin’s Northwoods may seem simple. With over 4,000 lakes in the region, we’re considered one of the wettest areas in the world and finding a home on a lake is not difficult. Finding the perfect lake home for you requires certain considerations. Each lake tends to have its own…

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A New Reason for Relocation from Chicago to Wisconsin’s Northwoods

Relocation from Chicago to Wisconsin's Northwoods

Are you thinking about Relocation from Chicago to Wisconsin’s Northwoods? In the beginning… The route between Chicago and Wisconsin’s Northwoods has been well-traveled for some time and each era had its own reason for it. Today sees a new motivation for Chicago residents to relocate to northern Wisconsin. Initially the region was known to Native…

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Small Towns With Big Hearts in the Northwoods Community

  Small Town Pride. Instead of the towering high-rises of large cities, the Northwoods has a wealth of small communities dotted across Vilas and Oneida counties. In fact, the population in some high-rises may be larger than that of some of our small towns! And we don’t mind at all. We may have long winters,…

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Northwoods Real Estate Sales/List % 2007 – 2019

  A fascinating Northwoods Real Estate Sales chart!  This chart looks at the total number of homes sold in Oneida and Vilas Counties vs. the number of homes listed.  Yes, we sell around 40% of the homes that we list. I can hear the gasping!  Yes, homes sell in seconds in other parts of the…

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Northwoods News: Home Sales/Listed 2007 – 2019

Our Northwoods News monthly look at home sales is showing improvement.  95 homes were sold in April.  This compares with 96 last April (down 1%).  April of 2018 had bad weather as well.   Sales up 28% from last month.    Year-to-date there have been 294 homes sold.  Last year at this time we had sold 334…

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Spring Brings Robins…and Home Buyers

  It’s been a long winter in the Northwoods, but Spring never skips a turn. At this time of year Up North, bears emerge from hibernation, robins land on tree branches, and home buyers begin making inquiries. 2019 was an exceptionally strong Sellers’ Market. There are signs that the 2018 market may be a bit…

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Vilas County Sale Price vs Fair Market Value

  This is always an interesting look!  The chart above looks at the sales price vs. the Fair Market Value as established by the town assessor and Wisconsin Department of Revenue.  I have broken down by town (each town has its own assessor) and by if the home is on-water or off-water.  The overall trend…

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Things to Consider When Buying a Lake Property in Eagle River

When people think of Eagle River, different images pop into their minds. It’s the Snowmobile Capitol of the World, home to the Labatt Blue Pond Hockey Championships, but to most, Eagle River’s claim to fame is it’s Chain of Lakes, 28 interconnected lakes–the largest in the world. It’s no surprise that many people dream of…

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