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Never Has Home Been More Important

  One thing we’re sure of is that we are living in uncertain times. It’s hard to believe that just over three months ago, life was as we’d always known it. No one has a crystal ball to see into the future, but some things have been clear. Never has home been more important. It…

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3 Ways to Sell Your Property Faster

Once a decision is made to move, every seller wants to sell their property faster and not have it linger on the market. There are 3 ways to help make that a reality. Curb Appeal One of the most well-known ways to help your property sell faster is curb appeal. Think of what happens when…

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Small Towns With Big Hearts in the Northwoods Community

  Small Town Pride. Instead of the towering high-rises of large cities, the Northwoods has a wealth of small communities dotted across Vilas and Oneida counties. In fact, the population in some high-rises may be larger than that of some of our small towns! And we don’t mind at all. We may have long winters,…

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Spring Brings Robins… and Home Buyers

  It’s been a long winter in the Northwoods, but Spring never skips a turn. At this time of year Up North, bears emerge from hibernation, robins land on tree branches, and home buyers begin making inquiries. 2019 was an exceptionally strong Sellers’ Market. There are signs that the 2018 market may be a bit…

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The Legendary Northwoods: Barefoot Charlie

Since the late 19th century, the northwoods, known for it’s fresh air and clear lakes, attracted visitors from Midwestern cities. Initially, most tourists were fisherman and hunters. As word about the pristine, unspoiled beauty “Up North” spread, so did the numbers of tourists. Resorts and supper clubs began to populate. Some like Little Bohemia Lodge…

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