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Never Has Home Been More Important

  One thing we’re sure of is that we are living in uncertain times. It’s hard to believe that just over three months ago, life was as we’d always known it. No one has a crystal ball to see into the future, but some things have been clear. Never has home been more important. It…

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Our 7 Favorite Ways to Sell Your House Faster

When you list your property with Coldwell Banker Mulleady REALTORS®, we have specific strategies to sell your house faster. Making the decision to sell your home is rarely a quick decision. We respect your reasons for selling and know how to market your property so it doesn’t linger on the market. We form a partnership…

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Northwoods News: Our report Homes Sales 2007 to 2020

  Our first look at homes sales figures for the new year. 67 homes were sold in January of 2020. This compares with a similar number of 66 last January. It is down from 111 homes sold in December 2019 (down 39%). Having a low number of homes sales is not unusual for January. Unlike…

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Buying a Lake Home in Minocqua? Get to Know the Lakes First!

Minocqua, the Island City Minocqua, known as the Island City, is an absolute gem in the Northwoods and it’s no wonder so many visitors dream of owning / buying a Lake Home in Minocqua. It’s important, however, to choose the right lake to match your needs. It may seem unusual to choose the lake you…

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Why a Real Estate Agent Is Still Crucial in the Digital Age

A coldwell banker's Real Estate Agent

Between YouTube and Home and Garden TV, many people have resorted to DIYing all sorts of aspects of their lives. While learning to caulk your tub is a fairly safe job to tackle without a professional, selling or buying a home isn’t. “For Sale by Owner” and Zillow make selling your home online seem easy.…

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3 Ways to Sell Your Property Faster

Once a decision is made to move, every seller wants to sell their property faster and not have it linger on the market. There are 3 ways to help make that a reality. Curb Appeal One of the most well-known ways to help your property sell faster is curb appeal. Think of what happens when…

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Finding the Perfect Lake Home

  Finding the perfect home in Wisconsin’s Northwoods may seem simple. With over 4,000 lakes in the region, we’re considered one of the wettest areas in the world and finding a home on a lake is not difficult. Finding the perfect lake home for you requires certain considerations. Each lake tends to have its own…

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Avoid the Drama of Staging Your Home

  There’s a lot of emphasis on the importance of staging your home in order to add perceived value and bring in higher offers. With so many other details demanding your attention when selling a home, there’s no reason to get stressed out about staging. It really comes down to common sense and we don’t…

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