Northwoods News: The Cyclical Nature of Lake Home Sales – August 2019

Lake Home Sales - August 2019


I am taking a look at the cyclical nature of lake home sales. The chart above looks at the monthly unit sales of lake homes since January 2018. It should come as no surprise that we sell more homes in the summer. How many more? Historically, we sell about 70% of lake homes between July 1 and October 15. I do not know if it is because that is the heart of our tourism season or if it is simply when we have open water. I just know that it is quite predictable. In busy years like 2019 or in slow years like 2010, the overall trend is the same.

We still have a ton of selling season on the lakes! Our inventory is very good to excellent. There are some exceptional values on the off-chain lakes. Interest rates are under 3.75% for a 30 year fixed. It is a great time to be a Buyer!

Cooler temps are in the forecast. Highs are now in the low 70’s with lows around 50. It is just stunning this time of year! Please come up and enjoy!