Minocqua Area Sold/List % September 2017

Market Segments

2017 sales have been a bit uneven.  What I mean by this is that there are market segments that are very busy and we are truly short of inventory.  Then there are segments that are begging for buyers.  I have chosen 4 rather simple market segments to compare.  Oneida and Vilas Counties home and condominium sales vs. the Minocqua and Eagle River/Three Lakes Chain of Lakes.

Oneida County has seen 521 sales and 1051 listings (49.5%) while Vilas County has seen 414 sales and 926 listings (44.7%).  The Minocqua Chain has seen 48 home sales and 92 listings (52.1%) while the Eagle River/Three Lakes Chain has seen 60 sales and 174 listings (34.4%).

I can say that I never would have guessed those numbers as I thought the chains were doing even better than that.  I can also say that if I broke down these segments to sub-segments I would find a shortage of lake homes in the $250K to $350K range.  The number of listings nationally has dropped and that has hurt home sales.  I can say that this trend has also affected us here in the Northwoods.

The weather is marvelous!  Highs in the 70’s and 80’s.  The leaves are changing and the colors are beautiful!  Cooler weather is just around the corner.   Please come up and enjoy the Beautiful Northwoods!