New Moving Tips to Downsizing When It’s Time to Move

Downsizing, whether because of an upcoming move or simply to declutter your home, is rarely a task anyone looks forward to doing. We frequently have home sellers who feel overwhelmed by the idea of tackling it, especially if they’ve owned the home for decades. Fortunately, along with the tried and true advice (the three piles of keep, donate, or toss still stands), there are some appealing new moving tips to downsizing.

One of the most popular ways to get rid of items you no longer want or need is right there waiting for you on Facebook…it’s Facebook Marketplace. It’s rare to find someone with no Facebook account and that means you have a much larger audience for your items than a yard sale could ever provide. Along with Facebook Marketplace, almost every town or neighborhood has their own Buy, Sell, Trade Group. We’ve seen items sell within an hour…everything from pieces of clothing to vehicles to–well, to houses!

Another newer option that’s wonderful in several ways is a Give Back Box at  .  Here’s how it works: Using shipping boxes you probably have from online shopping, pack up the items you no longer want. Going through their website, print out the label, bring it to your post office or UPS store and it will be delivered to the nearest participating charity. If you would like the items to go to a charity not listed, it can still go there, you’d just need to pay for the shipping in that case. And it’s all tax deductible!

By now, we’ve all heard about the method of looking at each item and asking if it sparks joy or not. At least it’s a start to have one question in mind when sorting through your belongings. If it’s difficult to part with clothing that you no longer wear, but have a sentimental attachment to, an easy solution is to take a photo of it. It preserves the memory, but will no longer take up valuable space.

Of course, you can always go old school with a garage sale or dropping donations to a charity on your own. But, it’s good to know there are other effective options out there!

Have you come across other ways that helped you declutter? Let us hear about them!