Northwoods Home Sales/Listed 2007 – 2019


We are greeted with disappointing home sale results in January. Home sales were only 66 units and this compares with 85 units in December (-22%) and 83 units in January 2018 (-20%).

Why the poor results?  I have no idea.  We had a terrific 2018.  Our sales in 2018 were up 10%.   The weather in December and early January was mild.  Late January was another story.  It has been quite cold and we had an ice storm to boot (rare up here). This weather will affect our sales results in February and March.   The only theory I can come up with is we had a very strong home sales year in 2018. Rarely do January-March home sales have a big impact on the overall home market here in the Northwoods.

Winter has really come on.  We have lots of snow and tons of ice.  The Snowmobile Derby was well attended and USA Pond Hockey Championships were a blast.  This weekend is the Blizzard Blast.  Please come up and enjoy the Northwoods in winter!