Northwoods Homes Sales from 2007-2018 through 9/2018

Homes Sales

That huge spike we saw in September is in the rear view mirror.  Unit sales dropped to 149 units in September.  That is not bad but it is a bit of let down when compared with the 205 homes sold in August (down 27%).  The 149 units is up from the 147 units that were sold in 2017 (Up 1%).  Year-to-date we have sold 1096 homes and this compares with 985 homes in 2017 in this same 9-month period (up 11%).

Like the weather home sales have cooled off.  However, we are still doing well!  Prices are coming up in the area of 2-3% and volume is up 11% .  Times are good in the Northwoods!

The leaves are changing and it is beautiful!  You should really come up north!!