Northwoods Homes Sales/Listed 2007-2018 as of November 2018

Our monthly look at the sales numbers surprised me by the continued robust sales figures and how few new listings are coming to the market. A very healthy 161 homes were sold in October. That compares with 155 last October (up 3.8%) and with 149 in September 2018 (up 8%). Year to date we have sold 1257 in 2018 vs 1143 in 2017 (up 9.9%). On the listing side we have listed 1960 homes in 2018 and this compares with 2150 homes listed in this same time frame in 2017 (down 8%).  Northwoods homes sales listings for 2018 real estate for sale current news.

Northwoods homes sales listed 2018 news real estate for sale house

You do not have to be Art Laffer to predict what will happen with higher sales and fewer listings. The inventory shortage that the rest of the country is experiencing is starting to affect us here in the Northwoods. It will ultimately result in higher home values.

The leaves are pretty much down now (even the oaks). We have had a colder than average October which will probably result in a warmer than usual November!