Northwoods Homes Sold vs Listed 2007 – 2018

Homes sold

This is an interesting look at the number of homes listed vs the number of homes sold over the past 10 years. You will recall that 2007 was still a pretty strong sales year with 1851 homes sold that year.  There were all kinds of alarms going off that we were heading into troubled times but we, like many in the real estate business, were still oblivious to the upcoming storm.  This view from 30,000 feet is fascinating.

We listed 4957 homes in 2007 and sold 1851. That is 37.3%.  You can tell that this number is constantly improving and we listed 2344 homes and sold 1382 in 2017.  That number comes out to 58.9%. We should end 2018 above 60%.  That’s a significant difference. You can see the slight uptick in sales (2018 is not yet finished) but you see a more serious drop in supply.  This drop in supply is common elsewhere in the country and it is now starting to affect us here.  It is certainly a sellers’ market nationwide. If this trend continues, it should result in higher prices. If you’ve been considering putting your home on the market, whether to downsize or to gain more space, it’s an excellent time to list it. Buyers are competitive and making serious offers. You can browse our current listings here:

Right now, the area’s incredible fall color is at peak and the weather is getting cooler.  It’s the perfect time for hiking or simply walking through the golden woods, breathing in the evocative smells of autumn. The lowering sun and long shadows of a late fall afternoon make for some magical views. ..and beautiful photographs! It’s not too late to gather around a campfire in the evenings, one of our favorite activities. We truly experience our four seasons here.  Come up, see for yourself,  and enjoy them!