What types of homes can you expect when Northwoods living?

Northwoods living house

The most common styles of homes to find when Northwoods living are cabins, ranch styles, chalets, split-levels, and two-story homes. Which type of home best suits your specific needs?

Types of Homes for Ideal Northwoods Living

  1. Cabins are very popular for Northwoods living and have been around for over 100 years.  They generally are single level homes and are built on a slab (aka concrete foundation) or upon piers and posts. You are more likely to find heaters, wall heaters, and baseboard heating instead of central heating or air conditioning within a cabin. Generally speaking, they are under 1200 square feet.
  2. Ranch homes, being the most popular style home in the nation, will also be found aplenty in the Northwoods. Ranch homes have become an attractive purchase for homeowners as they advance in age. This is typically a safer option as mobility decreases.
  3. Chalets exude the Northwoods charm with their cathedral ceilings and open design. With lofts on the second floor and a great room, kitchen, dining room, and master bedroom on the main floor, this appealing layout is highly sought after. However, not all chalets have this setup. Want to see what other options there are? We can help.
  4. Split level homes, although quite popular in the 1970’s, are not as common today. The most common form of split-level home would be the tri-level. One of the main advantages of this type of home is the great use of space. This, coupled with its energy efficient design, makes it a home style coveted by some.
  5. Two story homes are popular throughout American suburbs. The same is true for Northwoods living. This home will allow a large amount of living space within a smaller parcel of land due to its layout. It is also more energy efficient than a ranch style home since the hot air rising helps heat the second floor.

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