Northwoods Realty News 1-18-2019

Northwoods Realty

Hello 2019.  We are still busy closing the books on 2018 and we have a look at where average prices ended the year.  I was anticipating 3%+ growth and it appears that my estimate came in short.  The big winner was Vilas County on water rose a whopping 11% from 2017.  The average sales price rose from $305,559 to $339,349.  Other sectors of the market were less exciting.  Vilas County off-water was up 2.7%.  Oneida County on-water fell 3%.  Oneida County off-water was also off 4%.


I do not get all that worked up over the average numbers.  If one low priced subdivision sells, that can really skew the numbers.  Likewise, if there are some very high dollar properties sold, that can skew the numbers upward.


The real story here is the volume.  Oneida County home sales volume is up 25%.  Vilas County home sales volume is up 21%.


Winter has arrived!  After a slow start, we now have lots of snow and ice.  The trails are open and the lakes are marked.  Come up north where we do winter right!!