Northwoods News: Our report Homes Sales 2007 to 2020

Home Sales Report 2007 to 2020

Northwoods Homes Sales Report 2007-2020


Our first look at homes sales report for the new year. 67 homes were sold in January of 2020. This compares with a similar number of 66 last January. It is down from 111 homes sold in December 2019 (down 39%).

Having a low number of homes sales is not unusual for January. Unlike other areas of the country we have had tons of snow. We have had 70” of the white stuff already. That is over our usual amount for the entire season! It is hard to show and sell homes when all is buried under snow. Check out our Homes Sales Report in the above image.

Interest rates remain under 3.75% Those are historically low figures. I really do believe it will be a great year for Northwoods real estate! The trails are fantastic and the woods are gorgeous! Our calendars are full of winter fun events. check out our upcoming event here. Please visit our winter wonderland and see why we love all four seasons Up North!