Northwoods News: Home Sales/Listed 2007 – 2019

Our Northwoods News monthly look at home sales is showing improvement.  95 homes were sold in April.  This compares with 96 last April (down 1%).  April of 2018 had bad weather as well.   Sales up 28% from last month.    Year-to-date there have been 294 homes sold.  Last year at this time we had sold 334 units so we are off to a poor start in 2019 (down 11.9%).

On the real estate listing side, we have seen 530 homes listed thus far in 2019.  This compares with 765 homes last year.  So we are down 30% in 2019 in terms of inventory.  If you think you are seeing fewer listings, you would be correct!

We still have fewer buyers than we do listings at this point.  Some pockets, Minocqua and Eagle River Chains are quite hot and listings are going very quickly.  High quality, good condition off water homes priced under $250K are also hot.

The lakes are mostly open.  Larger lakes like Trout , Tomahawk and North Twin have yet to open.  Come up north as the weather is predicted to be sunny and in the 60’s!!


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