Our 7 Favorite Ways to Sell Your House Faster

When you list your property with Coldwell Banker Mulleady REALTORS®, we have specific strategies to sell your house faster. Making the decision to sell your home is rarely a quick decision. We respect your reasons for selling and know how to market your property so it doesn’t linger on the market. We form a partnership with our sellers. While there are a large numbers of details we take care of, there are also ways the Sellers can assist the process.

Quick Tips to Sell Your House Faster

Great Photos

Sell your house faster


  1. We make sure we take great photos. With so many potential Buyers initiating their house hunting searches online, high quality photos are a necessity. Blurry, dark photos with poor resolution  may discourage viewers enough that they don’t bother looking for further details. Whether our agents use cameras or high-end phones capable of capturing the detail and beauty of your home, we make sure the photos are inviting.


Clean Everything

Clean Everything

2. Make sure everything is clean! Buyers look with sharp eyes at kitchens and bathrooms in particular and you don’t want them to find a speck of dirt. Use a discerning eye yourself when your look over your buyer-ready home…did you clean everything? Lighting fixtures? Counters and shelves? Those corners of the floor that tend to collect dust?


Depersonalize & Declutter

Depersonalize & Declutter

3. Depersonalize & Declutter. It can save time if you do both at the same time! We know many people feel strongly about their family photos, religious items, or political statements. But there’s about a 50% chance a potential buyer may have opposite viewpoints. At the very least, no one wants to walk into a home and feel like they’re intruding in someone else’s personal space. Keeping things as neutral as possible helps them envision themselves living there.


Embrace Natural Light

Depersonalize & Declutter

4. We can’t stress natural light enough! No one feels warmed up by a shadowy, dimly lit interior. Open and raise those clean blinds and make sure the windows are clean, too! If you have rooms without much natural light, strategically place lighting fixtures so they brighten up the space.


Let Us Professionally Price Your Property

Price Your Property to sell your home faster

5. Set the right price. We will provide a complimentary CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) of your home to make sure it’s priced correctly for today’s market. It’s good to keep in mind that if a property is overpriced, not only will it not sell, but when the price inevitably drops, buyers will become suspicious there’s something wrong with it. Getting your property professionally priced is a critical step in your home selling.

Keep Walls Neutral

Keep Walls Neutral to sell your house faster

6. Remember when we suggested you depersonalize your home to make it neutral? The same thing goes for color schemes. While that cheerful yellow kitchen and deep violet bedroom may work for you, they may be off-putting to a potential buyer. It’s inexpensive to repaint your walls with neutrals. It’s best to stick with ivories, light beige, pale gray, or a popular newer color: greige!


Curb Appeal Really Does Matter

Sell your home faster

7. Curb appeal really does matter! It’s that first impression, that instant when a positive or negative image is initially created. Take a quick inventory of what needs to be done: lawn mowed and edged, shrubs trimmed, freshly painted front door, and possibly updated house numbers. Don’t forget to leave outdoor lighting on at night! Many times potential buyers drive by a property they’re interested in during evening hours. Make your home inviting and warm regardless of the time.

By following the above tips, you can sell your house faster at a maximum price. To discuss your home selling ideas, contact us today!