Northwoods Real Estate Sales / List % 2007 – 2019

Northwoods Real Estate Sales


A fascinating Northwoods Real Estate Sales chart!  This chart looks at the total number of homes sold in Oneida and Vilas Counties vs. the number of homes listed.  Yes, we sell around 40% of the homes that we list.

I can hear the gasping!  Yes, homes sell in seconds in other parts of the state!  How can that statistic be accurate?  I can only offer theory.  This is predominantly a second home market.  This means that most of the homeowners live somewhere else.  It is easy to find them as their physical address is different from their mailing address.  It varies from town to town but a good estimate is that 70% of the homes up north are second homes.  The other issue is that we are also a highly cyclical market.  We sell many more homes in the summer.

Our sold/list number thus far in 2019 is just under 35%.  That number will be rising as the number of listings will begin to drop off and the number of sales will begin to increase.  The chart above shows a nice upward trend (excepting 2017).

The weather is finally warming.  70 degree temps are in the forecast.  Come up north and enjoy our beautiful Northwoods!


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