Vilas County Sale Price vs Fair Market Value


This is always an interesting look!  The chart above looks at the sales price vs. the Fair Market Value as established by the town assessor and Wisconsin Department of Revenue.  I have broken down by town (each town has its own assessor) and by if the home is on-water or off-water.  The overall trend is that things sold over Fair Market Value.  That is either an indicator that the assessors are too low (ideally they will be at 100) or the market is improving and that buyers are willing to pay over Fair Market Value.


There are not many instances in some of the towns so you must take the statistical data with a grain of salt.  The strongest market segment appeared to be Winchester Off-Water which came in at 134% or 34% over FMV.  The weakest segment appeared to be Land O Lakes On-Water which came in at 85% of FMV.


Oh, boy, do we have snow!  We have over 30” on the ground and another foot on the way!  February is going to end up as the snowiest month EVER in the Northwoods!  Come up and be a part of history!