Why a Real Estate Agent Is Still Crucial in the Digital Age

Between YouTube and Home and Garden TV, many people have resorted to DIYing all sorts of aspects of their lives. While learning to caulk your tub is a fairly safe job to tackle without a professional, selling or buying a home isn’t. “For Sale by Owner” and Zillow make selling your home online seem easy. The truth is that the process is much more complicated than it seems at first glance. Before you decide to try to sell or buy a house without the help of a real estate agent, consider what you are paying for when you invest in a professional real estate agent.

Why You Should Work With a Real Estate Agent


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Real Estate Experience: 

  • They are experienced negotiators. Real estate agents do a lot for their clients. Their education includes many things, but one of the most crucial is negotiation. You could lose a lot more than the price of using a real estate agent if you don’t know all the aspects of real estate intimately. And it’s impossible to negotiate well if you don’t. The entire reason people skip using a real estate agent – to save money – can backfire quickly without a strong and knowledgeable negotiator.
  • They understand buyers and sellers. Successfully selling your home is about more than baking cookies before a potential buyer arrives. Buying a home is about more than scoring the best deal. Even though a real estate agent can help with that, too. Along with marketing, real estate agents have spent years learning how to help people get what they want from a purchase. That kind of learned intuition can’t be replicated.
  • They make your life easier. Imagine all the ins and outs of your career – now imagine someone with no industry knowledge taking over your job for a day. That next day would likely be a nightmare and the consequences could last days. When it’s time to buy or sell a house, there’s a lot people don’t know. You may be able to figure it out as you go, but expect to be learning how to do a completely new job as you do. Real estate agents have access to all the properties in your area, know other agents who might have inside knowledge about a property, and know how to be a liaison between buyers and sellers. Skip the second job of being a real estate agent and trust the experience of a trusted real estate agent.

Real Estate Marketing: 

  • Marketing is their jam. Marketing is a built-in aspect of being a real estate agent. Agents market themselves, their listings, and even their colleagues. In today’s digital landscape, marketing is more than a commercial on TV or flyer in your mailbox. It involves social media outreach, geo-marketing, and website care – among other things. Buying or selling a home requires more marketing than a sign in the yard, that is, if you want to get the most financially sound arrangement.

Real Estate Contracts & Rules: 

  • They understand contracts. You can’t buy or sell a house without contracts. Contracts are often confusing and getting them wrong can have dire consequences. They are essentially legal documents and certain clauses can affect your price, your mortgage or when you can move into or out of your home. Experienced real estate agents know how to use contracts to protect their clients’ best interests. Their time in the field also means they understand what clauses can affect your purchase or sale.
  • Many real estate agents do not show homes that are For Sale by Owner due to legal issues. Likewise, if you want to see or purchase a home that’s For Sale by Owner, you don’t have the same legal protection.

Talk to an Experienced Real Estate Agent to Buy or Sell Your Home

Saving a dime is crucial in the modern world but knowing what to save on is just as important. Real estate will likely be one of your most valuable investments. There’s a lot more at stake than a new tube of caulk. Do it right; invest in a professional.